Hey Workout Routine Woman - Are You Bored?

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This is a normal response. You have adapted to your current workout routine. Your mind and your body have become null to the effects this old routine has brought you. You feel like you need something new but you have no idea how to switch it up. Well, workout routine woman, let's give you some tips to make things more interesting and get you a step closer to your fitness goals.

Changes for a Workout Routine Woman

At this point, it really doesn't matter what you change in your routine, as long as you change to something very new or somewhat challenging to you. Your personality will be a big factor on how you should change your workout routine. What type of a workout routine woman are you? Do you like a challenge? Do you need variety? Are you sociable or more of a loner? Outdoors or indoors?

Just like any other part of your life, your exercise should be built around not just the most recommended but also what you enjoy most. You wouldn't buy a painting that you didn't like just because it is very popular. You don't listen to music just because it is on the Top 40. You listen to it because it moves you. Well, your exercise has to move you too!

There are many new types of fitness fads out there, like hot yoga, extreme boot camps, and Latin dancing. If you don't enjoy these things, don't do them. Find what works for you, but something new.

Stuck in a Rut Workout Routine Woman

Maybe the only type of exercise you enjoy is the exercise you started out with. Well, you can still change things up a bit. Change the intensity, the duration, or the scenery. Mix some other type of exercise in with it. Say you love to jog. Instead of your normal jogging routine, add in little bursts of increased intensity, change the route you would normally take, and stop every five minutes for 30 seconds of bodyweight exercises. This would be enough to challenge the body for better fitness, and help you to get out of that workout routine woman's rut.


Trying to find a new, fun way to get fit? Here are a few ideas for a workout routine woman to find herself a new groove:

Rollerblading: one of the top calorie burners and great for the thighs

Swimming: perfect to cool down in the summer and a great full body workout

Triathlon: talk about a challenge and a boost in self esteem

A new piece of workout equipment: pick an affordable, simple one

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Hey Workout Routine Woman - Are You Bored?

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This article was published on 2010/04/17