Kevin Costner's pre-shot routine

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When I started working with Kevin Costner on his golf game for the movie Tin Cup, one of the first things we talked about was a pre-shot routine. Teaching Kevin about the pre-shot routine this early in his golfing education got him to do the same thing every time he approached the ball. We had to get him to look like a real touring pro, and every pro has his own routine.

Kevin picked up the pre-shot routine really fast. He would get about 6 feet behind the ball and look first at the ball, and then at the target (seeing the target line in his mind's eye). He would then walk up and put his clubface right behind the ball and put his feet on a parallel line to his target line, which is the best way to establish the correct alignment. He would then look at the target once, give the club a little waggle, and then — whack! — off the ball went. I made him repeat this routine from the first day we started working on his swing.

By the time the golf sequences were shot for the movie, Kevin had the look of a wellseasoned touring pro. In fact, as we were walking down the second hole together in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, I asked Kevin where he got all his mannerisms — tugging on his shirt, always stretching his glove by pulling on it, and pulling his pants by the right-front pocket. He looked at me and said, "I've been watching you for the past three months." I had no idea I was doing all those things in my pre-shot routine! So I'm living proof that your mannerisms become automatic if you do them enough.

By the way, my pre-shot routine looks a lot better when Kevin Costner does it!

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Kevin Costner's pre-shot routine

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This article was published on 2010/12/06