Reasons Why Not to Follow a Strict Routine

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A meticulous exercise routine for a long time can help you to drastically enhance boredom, kill motivation and slow down progress.


Even the name itself, ROUTINE, brings up images of doing the same old thing day in and day out. It's the daily grind, the same old hat, the another-day-another-dollar approach.


Weeee such fun! NOT.


Through my fitness journey I've adopted routines from time to time and each time I do I find things inevitably slow down.


There have also been stretches of time when I have thrown the idea of sticking to a routine out the window. Each workout was like a breath of fresh air, refreshing, nourishing and invigorating.


The routine free workout offers HUGE benefits. Boredom is killed off and tossed out with the rest of the mental garbage. With constant fresh exercise methods it's always a new experience for both body and mind.


The second benefit is that routines need many factors to be in place. You need the right equipment, at the right time and in the right sequence. In short as long as nothing changes (like a treadmill breaking down or a missing stopwatch) you're fine. Of course life doesn't like to keep things the same and so sticking to a strict routine is a certain invitation for stress.


Quite possibly one of the biggest reasons to kill off routine is to avoid injury and gain a better all-around level of fitness. There is no such thing as a routine that does it all; if your effort focuses in one area you'll lose in another. That's fine if you want your fitness to be all about power lifting or marathon running, but for many fitness enthusiasts we don't want to be the world's strongest dead lifter if it means we can hardly sprint up a few flights of stairs.


By constantly varying what you do in a workout, you stand a much better chance at covering all of your bases so that fewer holes are left waiting to be filled in.


I much more prefer to follow a plan instead.


My workouts are kind of like filling in a coloring book, rather than a strict paint by numbers.


I have the basic exercises like chin ups and push ups. The plan is to do chin ups and push ups with each session, but I get to fill in the lines however I want. Some days I do them fast, some days I do them slow. Other days it's heavy, others it's all about being light.


The foundation is the same, but the rest of the building is different each time. It's much more fun and rewarding than just building the same thing day after day.


Give it a try, I promise it'll light a fire in unexpected places!


Ding-Dong the routine is dead!


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Reasons Why Not to Follow a Strict Routine

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This article was published on 2010/06/18