Routine and Time Management

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Some people seem to manage to get everything done and still have time to read books, go to movies, and visit friends. You know all those things you cannot get around to because you are too busy.

How do they do it? They are using the same twenty-four hours as you and yet they seem to get more done in less time. You are left feeling exhausted just trying to get the essentials done.

The secret is to have a routine. You work out what needs to be done each day and you get into the routine of doing it. When something out of the ordinary comes up you can find time to get it done because your routine takes care of itself. It sounds a bit weird to say that but that how it feels.

When you are in the habit of doing things at a certain time, in a certain manner, your subconscious mind can take care of the tasks without any effort on your part. It leaves you free to think about the things that need your attention. It's almost like having a twin to do your work while you are planning the next task.

All the regular tasks you do in a day, that have to be done every day, can usually be done without a lot of thought once you have mastered the task. The trick is to do each job, thoroughly and efficiently for the first month. Once you have done the job properly for a month your subconscious can take over and you will find you will be able to perform that task perfectly, without even thinking about it. It will just be a habit. Do this for all the tasks you need to complete daily and you will not believe how efficient you become. Let the routine take control.

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Routine and Time Management

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This article was published on 2010/03/29