The Good And Bad About Routine

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We all need to have some routine in our lives. Routine instills order and keep us on track when we have numerous obligations. Routine is very good in most situations and can be a lifesaver for most of us but there can be times when routine can be dangerous.

Routine is necessary for children to indoctrinate them into the good order and discipline which is necessary in life. They need to learn that they cant always do whatever they feel and that life has parameters which will make things better when they are adhered to. Good habits need to be imposed on them also which will help them later on in life. I am a meticulous person. I attribute much of this to my upbringing. I had a mother who insisted that her house remain spotless and she didnt mind working us kids to ensure that it did. She taught me so many good habits that as an adult man I am just as clean as any woman that I know. I used to really frustrate my wife because she is a youngest child and he older siblings were responsible for much of their household chores.

I had to learn that everyone doesnt think and feel the same way that I do. I know how to maintain and to keep things in perspective but I have not given up my cleanliness ethic.

Children by nature tend to resist any training which forces them to do what they need to do rather than what they want to do. Once you can impress a routine upon a child it makes both your life and his much easier. Children need to have boundaries. You need to overcome their natural instinct to resist you by continuing to impress routine upon them. Children need to have a sense of right or wrong so that they will have a compass in life. This is the time to impress good behavior patterns in children. This is the time for cleanliness, study, and relationship patterns to be formed.

I am not of the school which says that all behaviors are learned. I will agree that you can have a lot of influence on the life of a child but the final result is the sum of the decisions that that person makes in life. My parents did all that they could to prevent me from becoming involved with drugs or alcohol but I did all that I could to rebel at what they taught me. I by the same token have seen children who had alcoholic or drug addicted parents who were so appalled at their parents behavior that they would never touch any type of mind altering substance. I do agree that you can establish a good foundation which will help to carry a child through life but the final decision rests with the person. Training predisposes the person to certain types of behavior but unfortunately will not tell the end of the story.

One behavior which I didnt get as a child which really hurt me later on in life was study habits. I am a relatively intelligent guy but I never cracked a book at all during elementary school or high school. My elementary teacher tried her level best to get me to study but I just wasnt having it. I did all that I could to avoid doing the right thing. When I got to college my habits didnt get any better and my grades lagged because of it. Now that I am older I realize my mistake but I cant go back and redeem lost time.

Sometimes as adults we allow habits or routines to limit our development. I like to play a game with the employees who work in fast food restaurants. I will tell them my complete order up front. They will miss it none times out of ten and ask me the same information that I just gave them. This is an example of how we will allow routine to hold us down. Sometimes we cant see the forest because we are looking at the trees.

Sometimes we can get so embroiled in routine that we fight against change even if it is good. Is your boss attempting to do something new and innovative on your job? Are you resisting him or are you supporting him? Riceland Enterprises
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The Good And Bad About Routine

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This article was published on 2011/02/09